La Cuca Restaurant Cooperativa
08500 Canyelles, 3
15€ - 25€
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Thais Pardo

star image star image star image star image star image       5 years ago

My favorite restaurant in Vic. Not because it has the best food in the world or the best service, the food is good and the service is correct, but mainly it is welcoming. I find the place charming, very homely. I love that they have such a varied menu suitable for vegetarians, vegans, carnivores and gluten intolerants.

Javier Guardingo

star image star image star image star image       5 years ago

It is noticeable that the neighbors often go there because it is full, so better to reserve. I arrived at rush hour, there was no table and I was made at the bar, which is thankful. The quantities in both the first (I made a good pasta dish) and the second (dry sausage) dishes are correct and the quality is good too.

Jesus Coromina

star image       5 years ago

It was one of the places I liked the last experience. Do not throw the paper cloths so we had to sit on a table that was not dirty (almost all were) Guacamole was very bad and we thought it was not homemade. The boring and tasteless salad. Coca vega burned and with no taste. In short, 4 out of 10 in quality / hygiene Too bad, they've let it get lost


star image       6 years ago

Disappointing. € 16 menu with precooked rice and the most bad croquettes I've eaten in my life. My father ordered a sausage from the area and it looked like plastic. Desserts believed they were homemade and were commercial containers. The only good thing was the homemade bread and the aioli. Separate subject the linguistic theme with the letter only in Catalan, being Vic a tourist town. Skinny favor to the gastronomy of the area.

Ferran Pastor Delgado

star image star image star image star image star image       8 years ago

Mi favourite restaurant in Vic.

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