Hostal Restaurant l'Avet Blau
08479 Carretera BV-5114, km. 29
26€ - 35€
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  • Credit card
  • Television
  • Terrace/garden
  • Group menu
  • Handicapped
  • Heating
  • Takes reservations
  • Private rooms
  • Email reservations
  • Drinks / Cocktails
  • Animals allowed
  • Bar
  • English menu
  • Gluten free
  • Kids menu
  • Catering
  • Open sunday
  • Open august
  • Easy parking
  • Private parking


  Breakfast Lunch Dinner

From Wednesday to Friday from 11:00 to 17:00.

Weekend from 09:15 to 19:00.

Dinner is available if you make a reservation.



Spounge Panda

star image star image star image star image star image       4 months ago

Here is to Toni and Leticia endless complains about not getting their exceptional 'sandwich'. (couple of reviews down). Please get a life. Or better still, stay away from Montseny. I am sure everyone will enjoy the area and this place more without your silly complaining. As for Avet Blau staff, which were efficient and friendly, good on you for not budging to those ridiculous requests! Lunch was very delicious and fairly priced! Will hope to come again

Andrew Cox

star image star image star image star image star image       5 months ago

Fantastic, just what I love about Catalan mountain country cuisine

Subhadip Ghosh

star image star image star image star image star image       9 months ago

Highly recommended!! each and every person working here are exceptionally good. Friendly would be a very small word to describe them, they deserve much more. I was lost in the woods and couldn't have returned back home without their heart touching gesture and help. I even had some food in their place after that which is simply awesome like them. Thank you so much for everything 🙏🙏, if I ever visit Montseny again, your place would be the first one for me.

Iris C Reigosa

star image       a year ago

The food looked good, although we couldn’t eat it. We wanted to eat there after hiking with our dog, and they weren’t very flexible to allow us to eat in the terrace (as dogs aren’t allowed inside). They said in a very unfriendly way that you are only allowed to eat sitting inside, even though I offered to pick up the plates inside.


star image star image       a year ago

Cozy place, although not particularly charming. The service was friendly. That's pretty much it about the good points. We went there along with dozens of other hikers after a day walking up the mountains around. It was around 17:30, we were hungry but we could only have latte and low quality packed crisps. Nothing else was available! It's just ridiculous that the main bar/restaurant close to a hiking area where on weekends dozens if not hundreds of people go there to eat couldn't offer more than coffee and crisps, which is the same exact food you can get from an automatic machine. Sense of business is completely lacking. I underline that this review is related to my experience outside "official" dinner or lunch time. Still, what all hikers in the world do is to go eat and drink something after sunset, i.e. in Spain in November at 17:30/18:00. I hope they dramatically improve on that aspect as the place could be very welcoming and attractive.

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