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La Fàbrica del Gel

Average price 36€ - 50€

Menu price 23€



Pl. Sant Pere, 6



Baix Empordà

Capacity 70

Smoking Room yes

Food delivery no

Takeout no

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La Fàbrica del Gel is a simple and cozy restaurant where the staff are really friendly and will make you feel at home. You will have the opportunity of tasting the best dishes of the Catalan cuisine. 

The menu is very varied and attractive and has very succulent dishes, such as fried artichokes with ham and Parmesan cheese, beef with duck foie, risotto, asparagus and duck foie gras. When it comes to fish and seafood, there is a wide variety of dishes made of fresh fish and seafood such as paella or fideuà. There are also two set menus available and a special menu, which is ideal for celebrations. 

La Fàbrica del Gel is located in Palamós, a town located in Costa Brava, where you can enjoy different types of activities such as guided tours around this lovely city or diving. Besides, you can go to the beach, sunbathe and have a rest before visiting the restaurant.


  • Average price

    36€ - 50€

  • Capacity


  • Smoking Room


  • Food delivery


  • Takeout


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