Torre d'Alta Mar
08039 Passeig Joan de Borbó, 88
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Santi Costa

star image star image star image star image       in the last week

Excellent location Excellent service, the guy with a black beard explaining the menu is so good! Food is pretty good, but portions are way too small. I can recommend the rice but not the steak tartar.

Gala Milenkovic

star image star image star image star image star image       2 weeks ago

Fabulous! The view is gorgeous, so romantic. Got to see the whole city of Barcelona and even saw fireworks! The food is delicious all perfectly combined with the right wine for each dish. My personal favorite was the desert, chocolate coulan. Our waiter Jordi was so nice and funny, great experience. Really recommend it for a fancy dinner with friends or your partner. Go check it out and enjoy!

Nathan Klein

star image       2 weeks ago

I would not recommend this restaurant if you are in larger groups. The responses from the restaurant to reviews imply they prioritise customer service ahead of everything however this is simply untrue. Dining as large group, we decided to keep things simple in ordering and stuck to two or three of the same dishes per guest, a small number of the group were smokers, they popped out for smoking breaks in the lengthy waiting time between courses. We also had a late arriving guest seated at the table, both very normal events in a busy restaurant. This being said, the staff continually forgot drinks, had to be reminded of orders, made several mistakes with the orders and some diners had their food sent back multiple times due to this. Whilst the wait staff did their best to be patient with these mistakes their frustrations became very apparent and at this point management would have done well to have intervened and provided the level of customer service implied in the restaurants review responses. They did not, and the staff were left to deal with rather disappointed diners who had not had the meal and experience they expected. Once we made it clear we wanted to complain, the staff became hostile and we ended up leaving without receiving our last course. No compromise was offered by the restaurant or reasonable process of complaint. We received a refund of the last course (the course we never received) and an accusatory response that the fault of the late coming food, mistakes and poor service was on account of ‘non stop smoking’ and ‘moving to unassigned tables’ which were entirely untrue. Avoid this restaurant, your money would be well spent elsewhere. Management need a serious overhaul and to heed the serious and negative feedback received by diners instead of accusing the diners of being at fault.

Sabrina Sciandra

star image star image star image star image       4 months ago

Views are amazing, it doesnt matter which table you are you are still going to see panoramic views…but it was s bit loud for me, there were some big groups at the back so once they left the atmosphere changed completly to what i was expecting…surprinsigly portions were bigger than i expected, we ordered from the menu and everything was delicious. The foie was amazing, pure texture and the miso sauce matchs perfectly…the tuna tataki was also well done but the flavor felt more familiar to me, nothing you cant find in other restaurant. I was doubting about ordering the meat dish among so many fish dishes, but it was perfectly cooked, was tender, stayed worm until finish and the sauce duo was super, maybe i would change the side dish to something more elaborated rather than mushrooms, like something with potatoes At the end we ordered the coulant which was still fluid on the inside but a bit overcooked in my opinion,still delicious I want to thank the detail of brining some petit fours and candle to celebrate my birrhday at 12 o’clock

Peter “Anduain” S

star image star image star image star image star image       a year ago

Stunning views with excellent service. We were there for an event with friends and colleagues and the staff were great. The views, obviously are fantastic and the tasting menu works very well. Not cheap but certainly worth that special treat for special events.