Racó D'En Binu
8310 Av. Puig i Cadafalch, 14
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Roger Boada Queralt

star image star image star image star image star image       2 months ago

El Racó d'en Binu is a very special restaurant and, without a doubt, a culinary benchmark. Its chef, who continues at the foot of the canyon with enthusiasm, was one of the pioneers who placed Catalonia on the maps of European gastronomy in the 70s and 80s. He offers strictly classic cuisine that is no longer found anywhere else, with a prominent presence of butter and cream. Everything we have eaten there has been very good, especially the puff pastry (magnificent, made by the chef) stuffed with pepper, the cold prawn salad, the sea bass in papillote and the filet Francesc. Excellent desserts too: the orange ice cream soufflé is spectacular and the apple and cream cake is delicious. It is a very small restaurant and the service is totally personalized. It is run by a very attentive maître d' and the chef's wife, who is lovely. The prices are high, but they are justified by the quality of the dishes, the care they put into them and the very small number of tables. Attention to the tasting menu: it is only suitable for very hungry diners! Reservation essential. I recommend it with complete conviction, especially to those who are curious to discover a classic cuisine that, I very much fear, will disappear the day they retire.

Pere Plana

star image star image star image star image       2 months ago

A few months ago I read an article about the Racó d'en Binu restaurant and I remembered that I visited it 3 or 4 times in the eighties, only 35 years ago or more. In those days it was a benchmark restaurant for French cuisine, a style of cooking that today is difficult to find, at least in my environment and in the restaurants I visit, and which was recognized with 2 Michelin stars if I'm not mistaken. It will be because the styles and gastronomic trends have changed today. But the truth is that the article I read caught my attention and it amused me to return. We called to book a weeknight dinner and had some difficulty being told it was full. We finally found day and we were 2 tables, one of 4 and ours of 2. We were left with the doubt of possible difficulties in reservations at night during the week. The dining room seemed the same to me as on my previous visits. It is attended by the owner, a theoretical maitre and a waitress. These last 2 do not seem to be professionals with much experience in the sector. They have a menu option, with emblematic dishes of the French cuisine of yesteryear at high prices (the latter are over €30) and 2 menus, the tasting and the 50th anniversary, both over €90 plus VAT, one with cava and the other with drinks not included. We opted for the 50th anniversary menu and they told us that it is only on request, which they did not tell us when making the reservation. We chose the tasting, with 4 starters, a fish, a meat and 2 desserts. They brought us some appetizers, a puff pastry of sobrassada and some mini Dutch toasts. The starters are a house foie, a prawn salad, puff pastry with red peppers and the famous sea urchin gratin. In general, all 4 are good with a good crunchy puff pastry and very tasty pepper with caramelized onion. A correct sea bass en papillote and the tender Francesc fillet and just right. The desserts, a very good glacé orange soufflé and a puff pastry tart filled with cream, instead of the apple pie indicated on the menu. As a summary, first of all I went back to memories of many years ago, in a cooking style that I had certainly forgotten and, which I think, is not the predominant one at the moment. I prefer a fresher, simpler kitchen, with less butter and milk cream. Secondly, it must recognize the mastery of puff pastries and some dishes such as the soufflé or the crepe Suzette that Francina prepares in front of the diners. And thirdly, an ideal place for those nostalgic for the cuisine of the eighties with proposals that are very difficult to find today and with somewhat high prices.


star image star image star image star image       6 months ago

An experience you can't miss. One of the first stars in the state. The orange ice cream soufflé an "extrasensory" experience

Marián Merchán Mogío

star image star image star image star image star image       9 months ago

Very good everything !! We ate the tasting menu because we didn't know what to choose, and it was a great success. Elaborate and very special food, and the service of ten. We also bought an artisan yolk nougat, to remind you of Christmas !!

Carlos Cadena

star image star image star image star image star image       a year ago

Michelin stars worth The best restaurant in Maresme, a gastronomic jewel hidden in Argentona, best sea urchin in the universe Amazing quality and service French cuisine at its best