Restaurant Hotel El Far
17200 Platja de Llafranc
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Pistachio Snowflake

star image star image star image       2 weeks ago

Stunning views, VERY friendly and helpful staff but sadly the food was very much unremarkable. I had some grilled monkfish that honestly had very questionable presentation, chef really needs to work on making dishes look more palatable. The pasta with zucchini was ok but lacked finesse. Felt a bit like a recipe off the internet, not really thought through. Maybe go for a drink at sunset but avoid dinner, not worth it.

Adam Jones

star image star image star image       a month ago

Good food and a nice location, but let's talk about the service... We originally wanted to reserve a table for 1pm, but were told it had to be 1.30pm, so that was when we arrived. All the waitresses were very friendly, but almost immediately a man who appeared to be more managerial came to us and said that we must leave the table at 3.30pm. When we said that we were concerned that wouldn't be enough time to enjoy our meal he said that we should have arrived at 1pm. We told him that we were told to arrive when we did and he just shrugged. In the end it was them who made everything take so long. We had to wait around 45mins for our food to be prepared and then over 30mins for them to bring the bill when we asked for it. All in all, we finally paid up and left at close to 4pm, and there was absolutely no sign of anyone else wanting the table or of any of the staff caring that we were still sat there. So why create the stress so unnecessarily?


star image       a month ago

I used to come often at the hotel and restaurant for few years. Last week I was passing by to have a drink. The women with the glasses at the reception counter was extremely rude to us! She was yelling and seemed completely out of her mind. Please if you dont like your job , leave it and do something else.

Charaka Dharmagunaratne

star image star image star image star image star image       2 months ago

Here is the situation... its been a long day... its hotter in Spain than it is in Texas. As someone that owns 12 AirBnB's, I am going to say that the receptionist Olga is one of the best at her profession. Nothing was wrong, but she it even better! I hope you never want or need ever in life, but if you do, I hope Olga is there to help. (Oh, the rooms are beautiful. I would ask for Suite 3, its is amazing! We go Suite 2, and I am not complaining at all. Also, Apple maps is wrong, use Google maps.) We have dinner in 2 hours... I hope it is 80% as satisfying as my interactions from the bar tender, to the cleaning crew, to the person that is folding the lined. Wonderful!

Marc vanE

star image star image star image       2 months ago

This is a review of the hotel. We had room number 3 which is the one I would recommend with big terrace overlooking sea. Rooms are nice and big although bathroom is slightly outdated, but it’s ok it adds to the charm. However the breakfast is poor. Juices from a pack, limited choice, if you ask for egg the waiter needs to make it herself with as a result poor quality. Cannot be!

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