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Judy Granberry

star image star image star image star image star image       3 months ago

Loved it.....close to heavenly experience....great reception, simple but nice room, wonderful terrace with view of Mediterranean. Fabulous breakfast included. Great Service, spotless.

judy sladen

star image star image star image star image star image       3 months ago

Fabulous experience. Great reception, simple, but very nice room. Greatest view from terrace looking out to Mediterranean . It was large. 2 chairs plus chaise lounge. Spotless, nice linens, excellent, plentiful breakfast , great service. Lovely terrace, not too many tables. Planning to return soon. The michelin starred restaurant on site is phenomenal, beyond description and reasonably priced! Unbelievable Wine menus. Probably best meal of my life! And I've eaten at many michelin starred restaurants.

Marcos Aguilera Esteve

star image star image       10 months ago

It was our first wedding anniversary, so we decided to experience a Michelin starred lunch and hotel in Costa Brava as it's my favorite area in the world. The whole experience was great; check-in great, lunch in the Michelin restaurant was outstandingly magical, all of the staff members were great to provided a very familiar feeling and made us welcome as of we were at home. HOWEVER, when we were checking out, the lady in reception was very lovely and familiar, all three smiling and enjoying, until the chef's sister arrived to the reception desk and without a hesitating and completely without manners made us feel as if we would pretend to leave without paying our whole bill, when I had my card ready in my hands to pay. That, I have to say, it destroyed our mood and our whole also experience. The customer experience got broken by just one person, and happened to be one of the owners. We definitely will not come back here and won't recommend this place to any of my friends of family, as I would feel really embarrassed if they too had a the feeling of being accused too. It was generally a great experience, but as we would have anywhere else. Enjoy the pictures!

Becca López winter

star image star image star image star image star image       10 months ago

We spent a night here and had tasting very menu. The hotel was great. The good was good value but too much dairy. Can recommend.

Jessica Bello Salguero

star image star image star image star image       a year ago

The best is the staff. The rooms are comfortable. The breakfast could be improved and it is too focused on French customers. I don’t think customers should pay more for two fried eggs and bacon for example. Other than that, I would recommend it

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