Restaurant La Roca Petita
17457 Ctra. Aeroport de Girona-Costa Brava
36€ - 50€
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  • Cloackroom
  • Credit card
  • Television
  • Terrace/garden
  • Kids space
  • Wifi
  • Group menu
  • Handicapped
  • Heating
  • Takes reservations
  • Private rooms
  • Email reservations
  • Animals allowed
  • Bar
  • English menu
  • Gluten free
  • Kids menu
  • Catering
  • Wine cellar
  • Open sunday
  • Open august
  • Easy parking
  • Private parking


  Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Dinners are available only with previous reservation.



lisa Richardson

star image star image star image star image star image       a week ago

Lovely airport. Very clean. Staff checking to ensure we knew everything about our flight.

Adrian Sweetman

star image star image star image       2 weeks ago

This is a very accessible airport. It is quite small and easy to find your way around. There is a choice for eating food both before and after security control. Those passengers who remember who are traveling to countries outside Schengen passport control are after security screening.

Diana Quijano

star image star image star image star image star image       a month ago

Small airport, you can arrive at the airport taking a bus from Barcelona terminal Nord, the bus take 1 hour to arrive. They have one cafe shop at the airport entry, and inside they have a duty free shop, small, one Burger King and a cafe. Bathroom are clean and the gates to UE are as soon as you get out from duty free. The airport staff are so nice and always want to help you. I really love it.

David Pounds

star image star image star image star image star image       a month ago

Good airport with an outside area. Toilets are clean and spacious. Check in can take a while but that's down to the airlines. Security checks are fast and there are some places to eat and drink before boarding.

sandeep reddy

star image star image star image star image star image       a month ago

Date 11th to 14th Hyd to Spain-Girona I went to Girona with a group of friend's and we stayed for 3 nights and hired a guide By the Name Dylan :+34646418831 He took us to a couple of beautiful countryside side villages, to name a few. Calella de palafrugell-This is a fishing village located on a rocky coast and it's also known for its most beautiful beaches on the earth. I highly recommend visiting. Later, we been to Begur Begur and its beaches are one of the most wonderful spots on Costa Brava. Town boundary takes in the impressive hills of Begar Massif and by the Mediterranean sea.Its an unbeatable place to visit Next location: Pals and Peratallada Pals just a few kilometers from Begur .Pals is declared as a historic artistic site and flanked by aristocratic houses. And Peratalladu : Most of the buildings are builds are from 13th century, and most of the castles are restored as luxury hotels . And if you are an ice cream lover here, you find one of the best ice cream outlets by the name Gelat Artesa de Peratalladu. I highly recommend these locations if you are planning for a memorable trip. I captured a few beautiful pics through my phone .

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