Ctra. de Castellar, 354, 08226 Terrassa
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gaston naimark

star image       2 months ago

The waitresses have no clue about the menu, the menu is not updated, we’ve asked twice if a certain dish is vegetarian, they confirmed after several rounds the waiter went back and forth, and eventually after having 2bites the dish it had pork! What if it some has an allergy? Could have turned out very ugly. Super dissatisfied and disappointed.

Axel Alavedra

star image star image star image star image       2 years ago

Quality/Price relation is good, and many dishes to choose from. Only bad thing is place can be a bit cold sometimes

Eduard González

star image star image       3 years ago

Food is good, but service is terrible more than 40min waiting to get just half of the food I had requested.

Andreu Aventura

star image star image star image star image       4 years ago

Good service and the food is above average. I would recommend the buffet since you can try all the dishes (well, almost)


star image star image star image       5 years ago

Well, Food is overly quite good but not special. Price is quite expensive too because it's not included drink and dessert. Also, we ordered some sushi, but they served other dishes without any comment and excuses. And rice part of sushi was too much smashed the one time to visit is enough to me. it was quite nice but it's not my style.