Terrassa Voramar
08395 Av. Doctor Furest, s/n
26€ - 35€
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  • Dinner midnight
  • Credit card
  • Terrace/garden
  • Kids space
  • Wifi
  • Group menu
  • Handicapped
  • Takes reservations
  • Live music
  • Air conditioned
  • Email reservations
  • Drinks / Cocktails
  • Animals allowed
  • Bar
  • English menu
  • Gluten free
  • Kids menu
  • Open sunday
  • Open august
  • Live shows
  • Easy parking


  Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Kitchen open from 13:00 to 16:00.

Winter opening hours (late October - June 20)

Open only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Closed for holidays in December and January.

Summer opening hours (June 20 - October 30 *)

Open every day.

* From September 15 to the end of October it is open every day except Tuesdays.



Lucy Alvarez

star image       3 weeks ago

One of the worst restaurant experiences i’ve ever had. We were recommended this place by our AirBnb. We ordered prawns as the special and weren’t told any prices. The fish I had for main was pretty average and was just grilled with loads of oil and salt and served with the most pathetic portion of vegetables (like 2-3 slices of courgette) When the bill came they tried charging 40€ for the prawn ‘special’ which weren’t even king prawns or particularly good quality. When I questioned it, and said we had no idea it would be this expensive (bearing in mind starters were 10-20€ on average) the owner repeatedly argued with me saying it was my fault for not asking. He went on to say ‘clearly i have no idea about good quality fish’. Just humiliating and horrific service. There are way nicer restaurants in Sant Pol to go to. Avoid this place!

Alyssa Boicel

star image star image star image       a month ago

I'm torn with this place because despite the food being really good, the service and circumstances in the night time really ruined the experience for our group. The Google hours says from 11-12am, but when we got there at 8:30pm, we were not allowed to put in our first order until 9:20pm. We wanted to get a paella, but we were unsure if it would be ready in time for us to eat and enjoy it before the last train to Barcelona came. In addition, one waitress was a bit rude and dismissive when we were asking the time it would take for the entrances to be prepared. I understand that they were stressed because of the rain and the kitchen being slow to start, but it doesn't help that that frustration was put on the customer. I still think the food is amazing, but if you're not a local then it is better to visit during the day time and call in advance to get a table on the terrace.

Hazel O

star image star image star image       2 months ago

Lovely atmosphere, cozy, beautiful... But... slow service and the vegetarian paella for one was not paella... Very wet and salty, tasteless. Better to order something else and don't go if you're in a hurry for the last train! Good price for wine though.


star image       2 months ago

Food was good, service wasn't. For a party of 2, the second dish got to us a whole hour after the first one. Don't know if the waitress just didn't put the order in or if the kitchen can't handle the dinner volume of 11 tables (in which case I'd consider it a management issue). If you were the waitress' friend/companion though, you'd had been waited on proactively and without delay as it was the case when we were there.

Jasper Souffriau

star image star image star image star image star image       4 months ago

Loved it! Delicious seafood, I can especially recommend the paella. Very cozy atmosphere underneath the cover of the trees. Staff was friendly and helpful. (P.S. try the apple pie if you get a chance)