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El Petit Obrador

Average price 5€ - 15€

Menu price -



Avinguda França, 271


Sarrià de Ter


Capacity 60

Smoking Room yes

Food delivery no

Takeout yes

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El Petit Obrador was created in 2010 thanks to passion for good cuisine and Italian haute-cuisine which, merged with signature cuisine, lead to the creation of more than 50 different pizzas, elaborated with the best D.O. Italian products from each region. The quality of the ingredients, as well as the inventiveness used when combining them, made the Petit Obrador become a role model in the region’s pizza and Italian cuisine sectors, because little time after opening it achieved a lot of recognition both from the public and the specialised press.

El Petit Obrador doesn’t skimp on the ingredients used for pizzas, which are cooked in a volcanic stone oven and can be traditional or creative. Besides pizzas, this restaurant has also a very good offer on salads, pasta and Italian desserts, as well as national and import brews. One interesting thing about the pizzas is that the restaurant has created a season one, which, as its name implies, varies its ingredients depending on the time of the year we are in, allowing customers to eat the most characteristic ingredients of each season.

El Petit Obrador has sales points in Girona, Sant Gregori, Aiguaviva, Sant Jordi d’Esvalls and Bescanó, and you can also find its pizzas ready to eat in Sant Gregori’s establishment, located in Av. Girona, 47 (Tel. 972 429 605). Also worth noting is its catering personalised service, designed for all sorts of events. You can, as well, request a commitment-free quote that El Petit Obrador will come and give you in situ.

  • Average price

    5€ - 15€

  • Capacity


  • Smoking Room


  • Food delivery


  • Takeout


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